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Hmm, they all look boring


Trenches looks like zombies , vampires and also piranhas. Because they are very creepy

I heard this movie opens up a whole new can of worms...


Omg this are well good I wanna see them


Yo lo vi en Golden Edge...

not a queen fan but this film looks amazing

Stop prematurely Christmas decoration!!!!




Wolfenstein movie in a small budget and played by a pornstar Oh look another B-movie Stop making spiderman let it go for once gettin tired of it


This portrays combat fatigue very well. Lets play get shot. Whose in? Everybody! Jolly good, well done. You'll be shot if you don't play anyhow. I'm gonna have a hard time getting into the new pet sematary 😀 The people at the top don't give a shit about the people at the bottom. Don't sign up for the military and fight for a government that don't give a shit about you. And wars are never about freedom they are about profit/greed. Let the rich send their kid's into battle to fight and die, but we all know that's not how it works. The rich start the wars and it is always the poor who fight and die in them.

I found his spaghet


I came! 😬

If you walk into machine gun fire, you die. Great strategy .

The ground is bad?! Wtf, naw fam...THE GROUND IS SOUR! Get it right, 2019 Pet Semetery! Before ya catch these hands.





  • 1000 / 1000